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Max Altitude is a holistic health company based in Columbus, Ohio, that focus on improving overall quality of life through physical, mental, and nutritional health training. This company was started by a former OSU student who's mission is to empower health activists to optimize their mindset. They work to truly understand every client and maximize each strength and weakness. They break down barriers that are keeping their clients from reaching their goals and living a fulfilled life.

When we first made started working with Max Altitude they initially wanted videography and content creation, but after a couple months the project expanded. Our work day consisted of early morning video shoots of workout routines, midday interviews with the owner, and evening calls discussing the brand strategy. It was time-consuming and difficult, but our two companies soon became close, and we didn't mind the work at all. We did not, and still do not, see Max Altitude as "just another client". After we had so much fun with the Max Altitude, we decided that would only work with companies whose brand we could align with. We still have a great professional relationship with this company, and hope to continue on this path for a long time to come.

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  • Age of the company

    • As a young startup​, there was a lot to be created in terms of branding and style. Since their brand was not yet established, our team worked very closely with the owner to understand his vision, educate his team, and deliver results.

  • Time

    • Given the breadth of this project, we dedicated an incredible amount of time to ensure that we represented Max Altitude in the way the owner envisioned​. 

  • Saw growth in followers on Instagram by 60%.
  • Began to expand his team under the new rules and branding base.
  • Adopted a new business model that better fit them as a company